5 Barriers To Speed Reading Online

Do you like to possess the ability of speed reading online?

If you desire to have the ability of speed reading online, you need to avoid the following barriers to speed reading online.

What are the 5 barriers to speed reading online?

1. Read without purpose

When you read without purpose, you cannot remember the content. There is no doubt that you have read every single word.

However, you will find that you cannot recall a single piece of information.

2. Read in the wrong environment

When you read in the wrong environment, that is a barrier to speed reading online.

You cannot play computer game while studying

for examination at the same time. The same concept applies when you are reading online, you cannot watch TV as well as reading the text.

3. Read late at night

It is very tiring for the eyes to read content online. It is even more tiring when you read online at 3 am in the morning.

Reading late at night is never a good idea, even when it comes to printed copy.

Reading online in the middle of the night is worse. You are hurting your eyes. You cannot

concentrate very well too.

4. Regression

It is bad to regress when you are halfway through the article. You should read through once to get a general idea.

If you like the article, you can read from the beginning again. You can read at a slower pace to learn the details.

5. Read the words aloud

Reading the words aloud is hindrance to speed reading online.

You focus on the words, and not the meaning, when you read out loud.

You should learn to focus on the ideas, and not the words. That is a technique of speed reading online.

Speed reading online is not hard to grasp once you get rid of the 5 barriers. Many people have mastered the techniques of speed reading online. That is why they find it easier to use Internet for research purpose. 

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