7 Tips To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Do you have a high metabolism?

Unless you are a marathon runner, you probably want to speed up your metabolism. Most of us who want to lose weight know the benefits of speeding up our metabolism.

What can you do to speed up your metabolism?

You can remember the 7 tips to speed up your metabolism.

1.  Build muscles

You must do resistance exercise to build muscles. While walking and running build muscles to a certain extent, weight lifting is the one that build muscles rapidly.

You can take up certain forms of weight lifting exercises.

2.  Dietary fiber

Your body needs more energy to burn food with

more dietary fiber. That is why you must eat food with high dietary fiber.

Eating brown rice is better than eating white rice. The dietary fiber in brown rice is more than the refined white rice.

It is better to eat an orange than to drink orange juice. You can speed up your metabolism when you eat frequently. However, you must eat food with less calories.

3.  Do not skip meal

If you always skip meal, your body will go into starvation mode. It will slow metabolism rate down in order to conserve energy.

That is why you see slim people eat so frequently. They eat to keep a high metabolism rate.

4.  water

Water is an important factor in weight loss. When you drink a glass of water 20 minutes before a meal, you are pushing your body to speed up your metabolism rate.

You need to drink

enough water every day.

5.  sugar

If you are serious about speeding up your metabolism for weight loss, you must avoid sugar. Try to drink coffee without sugar. Try to eat food with low sugar or no sugar at all.

You have enough sugar from the fruits and vegetables you consume every day. There is no need to take in more sugar.

6.  sleep

Sleep well and sleep enough every night. You will feel tired if you do not have enough sleep. Your body has strong craving for sugar when you do not have enough sleep.

Once you sleep well and sleep sufficiently, your body will stay in the most active stage. Your body is in the optimum stage, including the digestive system. You can speed up your metabolism by sleeping well every night.

7.  20 minutes walk after a meal

You can take a 20 minutes walk after every single meal. When you do that, you are helping your body to speed up your metabolism. You can digest the food faster, and you will not feel bloated.

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