Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Are you addicted to sugar? Do you think sugar addiction is risky?

If you are desperate to lose weight, and you have failed many times to lose weight, sugar addiction could be the reason for the failure.

Sugar addiction does not seem as dangerous as heroin addiction. However, sugar addiction is as risky as heroin addiction.

Heroin addiction is a mind altering addiction to harm your mind and body. You can see the effect of heroin addiction in a short time.

However, sugar addiction takes a toll on your body for a long time. You do not even know that you are addicted to

sugar. You do not even know that you are putting on weight until it is too late.

You do not even know that sugar addiction is leading to all sort of health problems until the health problems become chronic.

That is why it is very risky.

Another problem with sugar addiction is that sugar is so cheap. Those with heroin addiction needs to go to illegal sellers to get the drug. Heroin is not cheap.

However, sugar is cheap. You can get sugar from practically every shop you enter. You can get sugar for your coffee in the café. You can get sugar when you buy the cake with sugared coating icing. You can get sugar when you go to the supermarket.

You can get sugar in almost all the processed food.

That is the risk of sugar addiction. It is hard to break free from sugar addiction because sugar is presented in almost everything you eat.

Another similarity between heroin and sugar

is that both give you a kind of high. Sugar makes you happy. Sugar perks you up for a few minutes. Sugar satisfies your craving.

When you do not have enough sleep, or you are simply bored with your work, you want to eat food with high sugar content. You want the happiness and satisfaction that only sugar can provide.

Are you addicted to sugar?

You should think seriously about this question, especially when you are struggling with weight problem, and health problems related to the weight problem.

If you cannot give up sugar, there is no way that you can lose weight. Sugar makes you fat without providing nutritional value for you.

If you do not even take sugar addiction seriously, you can stop eating sugar for three days. You can see if your body suffers from the sugar withdrawal symptoms. You will find that you are suffering as badly as those withdrawing from heroin addiction.

That is the time you realize that you are really addicted to sugar.

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