Are You Motivated To Make Cash Online

Many people are searching for ways to make cash online.

However, they are not motivated to work hard, even though they know how to make cash online.

For example, when they learn about participating in surveys, they eagerly sign up for a few surveys.

They give up after a few tries. They feel that the money is too low.

They search for other methods to get rich.

They learn that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get rich. They read everything about affiliate marketing.

They sign up for courses about affiliate marketing for the sake of earning a few thousand dollars per month.

They buy the domain name and create their own website.

After a month of hard work, they give up again. They give up too easily. They do not realize that it takes a few months of hard work in order to get the first sale.

That is why they do not make cash online.

They are simply not motivated. If they are motivated, they will try all means to make it work.

What about you? Are you motivated to make cash online?

Many online writers know that the more they write, and the more they promote their articles, the more money they can make.

However, it takes effort to start writing.

Some of them do not even write ten articles in an entire month.

They cite writer’s block. They cite the low income from articles as the reason for the lack of motivation.

The problem is that they waste so much time checking email, playing games, participating in forums and chats.

They are not motivated at all.

That is why at the end of the month, when they see that the earning is just a dollar or so, they give up again.

They cannot imagine how anyone can make much more money than them.

They choose not to believe writers who can make a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars per month.

They think that if they cannot

make it, others cannot make it too.

The fact is that writers who earn big money from article writing are motivated. They disciplined themselves to sit in front of the computer for six solid hours and write.

They have bills to pay. They have to save for the education of their kids.

They cannot afford to let anything stops them from making money online.

If you sincerely want to make cash online, you must have a very strong motivation.

If your motivation is just to make ten dollars per month, you will work just hard enough to make ten dollars per month.

If you need to pay the rental or run the risk of homelessness, you will write more than those who just want to make ten dollars per month.

Are you motivated to earn cash online?

Examine your motivation and work hard. Do not make the excuse that working smart is better than working hard. Most of us are not smart enough to make money without putting in an ounce of hard work.

All of us need to work hard and work smart. Once you work hard enough, you will find ways to work smart.

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Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways.  

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