The Art Of Making Friends

Making friends is not easy. Making friends is a very challenging process.

Many people are very protective of their privacy and find it tough to share their feelings. People are very lonely when they are living in a crowded city. They do not have the privilege of being a friend to anyone, nor do they have any friend.

How do you make friends? How do you develop true friendships with people who are kind and will love you?

The first step of making friends is to be a friend to yourself. Learn to love yourself. Learn to accept that you are who you

are and what you are. No matter how much you hate yourself for being weak in many areas, you have to accept that all humans, including yourself, have strengths and weaknesses.

Learn to love your strength and accept your weaknesses. Nobody expects you to be perfect. Nobody, including yourself, has the rights to deserve perfection from you.

When you learn to love yourself with all your faults, you can learn to love your friends with all their failings.

The next step of making friends is to show your natural self to others. You do not need to hide yourself behind a fake personality. If you are a quiet and reserved person, you do not need to pretend that you like partying.

Your friends need to know that you are who you are. They do not want to make friends with a fake person. Let your friends see the real you, the natural you. If they are unable to accept the real you, you know that it is time for you to make new friends.

Do not worry that you have no friend. There are so many people in the world. You do not need to fear that none of them can be your friend.

The third step of making friends is to find your friends. You can make friends from your school, your workplace, your community and other places that you frequent.

You can also make virtual friendship. Virtual friends are also your friends. There are some gamers playing together, and develop close friendships through years of teaming up. They share a bond that even their parents cannot understand.

Making virtual friends allow you to rant freely about your parents, your siblings, your boss, your teacher and others. Words that you speak to your virtual friends will not get back to your parents, your siblings, your

boss, your teacher and whoever you rant about.

The fourth step of making friends is to learn to respect the people around you. Do not try to control all the conversations. Do not tell people how they should feel. Do not tell people how they should behave. Learn to understand them and respect them for who they are.

Learn to accept the failings of your friends. Sometimes their words do hurt you. Bear in mind that you have hurt them with tactless remarks too.

The fifth step of making friends is to evaluate your friends. Not all friends are close friends. Some friends are your partying friends. Some friends are your protectors in school or at work. Some friends share their secrets with you.

You do not need a lot of close friends. You need a handful of friends so that you have a shoulder to cry on. Do not trust those people who want to take advantage of you. Do not trust people who flatter you.

Your true friends will never flatter you. They will tell you honestly what they think of you. They will tell you how bad tempered you are. They will tell you how bad you can be. They will tell you they like your honesty. But, they will not flatter you. Be very careful of people who flatter you.

The last step of making friends in the making friends process is to be a true friend to your friends. You have to make some sacrifices for the sake of your friends. When your friends are in distress and call you at 2 am, you have to sacrifice your sleep, and listen to them.

When it is your turn to cry, your friends will be there for you.

Friendship needs a lot of time to cultivate. A lot of shared experience will make the friendship strong.

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