Article Marketing Is About Product, Not About Pushing People To Buy

Are you using article marketing to promote a product? Do you know how to use article marketing to promote a product?

Article marketing basically means to write articles in order to generate sales. Article marketing is the best method for affiliate marketing.

The problem is that you should not sound pushy. You cannot just write an article about the product, and ask people to buy.

That is not the way it works.

How do you use article marketing to promote a product?

Let us suppose that you are promoting a guidebook to get rid of yeast infection.

You have to set up a landing page. You

can write the sales pitch in your landing page. If you do not want to spend money for domain name and hosting, you can use Hubpages, Squidoo or Blogger to write a product review.

You can urge the readers to click on the affiliate link to enter the website of the vendor.

Once you have the landing page, you can start article marketing.

You need to write a series of articles about yeast infection. You have to choose a series of keywords related to yeast infection.

You can use Yeast Infection Cure, Natural Cure for Yeast Infection, Cream for Yeast Infection, Eliminate Yeast Infection, Get Rid of Yeast Infection and Home Remedies for Yeast Infection.

Once you have the keywords, you can write a few articles using each set of keywords.

You need to submit the articles to many different article directories. You can add a simple resource box to urge readers to take action. You can put the link to your landing page there.

You can find out the article directories that accept or do

not accept duplicate articles. You can rewrite the content sufficiently and submit to article directories that do not accept duplicate content.

If you have 3 sets of articles for each keyword, you would have 18 articles. Let us assume that you submit the articles to 5 different article directories. If each article generates 100 views in each article directory, you would have a total of 9,000 views.

Let us assume that 40% of the readers click the link to your landing page, that means a total of 3,600 readers visit the landing page. If 40% of the readers click the link to the website of the vendor, that means 1,440 readers click through the link.

The conversion rate is usually 1%. That means about 14 readers buy the product you have recommended through article marketing.

If the commission for the product is $20, you would have generated an income of $280 from article marketing.

That is the power of article marketing. If you are a good writer, you probably spend just a day writing the sale pitch and 18 articles. Do you think $280 for a day work is good enough?

The best is that your articles are still visible in the article directories. Article marketing may not produce immediate result. However, as long as your articles are still around, you will gain the benefits in the future.

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