Attitude Problems In The Workplace

There is hardly a company which does not have to deal with attitude problems in the workplace.

At some time or other, when employees are less committed to the work or dissatisfied with their salary or peaks, attitude problems do arise.

What are some of the common attitude problems?

A very subtle attitude problem is to appear hardworking when the boss is around.

This is the most common attitude problem.

When the boss is in the office, everyone appears very busy.

They start to call customers, typing fast, and organizing the desk in such a way that more files appear on the desk.

All these actions create

an impression of a busy work day. However, things do not get done at all.

The employees will spend their time doing nothing, and they stay back after office hour in order to earn overtime payment.

This form of attitude problem is very hard to eliminate. The problem is not in the employees. The problem is often with the boss.

When the boss appraises the performance of the employees based on what he sees, rather than on the result, the whole office will learn to develop this attitude problem.

Everyone will learn to appear busy while doing nothing.

The best is to appraise performance based on actual result. When a person can do a task in two hours instead of the usual ten hours, the boss should allow him to go back earlier, and promote him.

Another attitude problem in the office is when employees do less than expected.

Many employees are so good at pushing away work, and they end up with nothing much to do. As a result of all the free time on hand, they resort to backstab the other employees.


have so much free time to spot the mistakes made by other employees who are overwhelmed with work. They have too much free time to write lengthy emails to report on small matter.

This action costs the company in term of employee morale and money. Those who are busy do not have time to backstab other employees.

They have too much things to do. They do not have time to concern themselves with the work of other employees.

The source of the problem is with the boss. When the boss is so blind as to believe such nonsense, and to encourage employees to backstab each other, all the honest and hardworking employees will leave.

The boss does not know how to manage the workload in the first place. When each and every person has a defined job scope, and measures on work performance, nobody has the free time to backstab others.

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