Avoid Feeding Goldfish To Death

When we were young, we kept goldfish for a few years.

Goldfish is one of the cheapest aquarium fish. It is also one of the most elegant aquarium fish.
The problem with feeding goldfish is that of over feeding.

Goldfish does not know when to stop eating. Goldfish will eat whatever you feed. The only time when you know that the goldfish has overeaten is when it turns belly up.

It is awful to see the goldfish with the belly facing upwards.  It seems to have difficulty in breathing, and the eyes look at you accusingly.

While most of us who love goldfish like

to see a fat goldfish rather than a thin goldfish, a fat goldfish does not mean it is healthy.

When we were young, we were afraid of letting the goldfish go hungry. That was why we fed the goldfish to death.

Those greedy fishes were not even choosy about the food. They would eat the goldfish pellets. They would eat bread. They would eat cooked white rice. They would eat anything and everything until overfeeding killed them.

It is true that feeding goldfish is one

of the happiest moments in life. The goldfish looks so happy when it is eating.

I like feeding a tank of goldfishes. I like to watch the goldfishes fighting for food. I like to watch the goldfishes opening their mouths so wide as to eat the pallets.

The only thing I hate to see is when the goldfish becomes so fat that it turns belly up. It is such a sad moment to see it struggling for breath with the eyes looking at you.

Keeping goldfish is a joy. If you keep goldfish, avoid feeding the goldfish to death. You will feel so content with watching the goldfish swimming elegantly in the tank.

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