Banjar Red Arowana In Mourning

There were just two fish in the big tank.

One is my dear pet fish, Banjar Red Arowana, and the other was a little algae sucking catfish.

Three weeks ago, the little algae sucking catfish died.

My Banjar Red Arowana stopped eating, and did not even want to swim.  It stayed at the bottom of the tank.

It rose to the surface when it sensed us approaching. But it did not have any interest in food.

There was no sign of sickness.

The Banjar Red Arowana fish is still very alert.

When I look at my dear pet fish, I feel very sorry for it.

I did not

know that my Banjar Red Arowana fish was such a sentimental creature.

I did not realize until recently that my dear fish was mourning for its companion.

I thought that something in the water led to the death of the little catfish.

I changed water almost on a daily basis, adding a bit of salt to the water.

I changed the filter.

I monitored the scales and the fins of my dear Banjar Red Arowana.

My fish is still greeting me, even though it lacks the energy that it used to have.

After three long weeks, I suddenly realize that my Banjar Red Arowana is in mourning.

There is now another little catfish in the tank. In fact, it is so small that I have problem finding it.

Hopefully it can survive, and bonds

with my dragon fish. It does seem a strange companionship with a large fish, and a little fish.

The Banjar Red Arowana is now a giant fish, more than 45 cm. The little catfish is just a small creature of 2 cm.

Even the dead catfish was little more than 5 cm.

Now that I witness the behavior of a predator fish upon the death of its companion, I can understand why some predators let the preys live.

There are many stories of Oscar fish letting the little gold fish survive, instead of eating it. It does sound strange that out of ten goldfish, the Oscar fish likes only one.

That is probably the same kind of strange behavior that we humans have. We do seem to like some people, even strangers, for no reason at all.

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