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Blood is a connective tissue
Published By scheng1 on 2012-02-16 821 Views

When we talk about connective tissue, most of us never stop to think that blood is a connective tissue.

Before we look into the reason for classifying blood as a connective tissue, let us look into the matter of connective tissue.

Connective tissue, as the name implies, serves to connect all the other tissues in the body. It also stores energy, protects the organs, and provide a structural framework for our body.

Without it, our organs will be scattered, and floating around.

However, in human being, we can see many forms of connective tissues, including the most common one, which is the loose connective tissue. Within this, we have three main classifications.

The three main classifications are Collagenous Fibers, Elastic Fibers and Fibrous Connective Tissue.

The other types that are present in our bodies include Bones, Adipose, Cartilage, and Blood.

All these are in our bodies to keep our body in the right shape, keep the bones, and the organs in the right place.

The interesting question is why blood is considered a connective tissue. Blood does not seem to have the elements of solid bones that keep the body in the correct shape and size.

There are two main reasons for such classification.

1. Origin

Blood has the same origin as the other connective tissue, even though it is liquid.

2. Function

Blood circulates round the body, carry nutrients to the cells, and carry waste materials away from the organs of the body.

In this way, blood serves as a connective tissue for the body.

Without the circulation of blood to a certain part of the body, the cells there would die.

The main difference between blood and the other connective tissues is the lack of fibers in blood.

Blood is liquid, and not fibrous in nature.

That is why blood is classified as a connective tissue from a biological standpoint.

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