Blood Tests Are Expensive

Blood tests cost money.

In fact, many people are paying for blood tests every day than for other forms of medical tests.

Those who have chronic conditions will need to go for blood tests many times a year.

One doctor will order blood test to test for liver function, another doctor may ask for blood test for cholesterol.

If you need to go for check up every month for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other problems, you will definitely pay a few hundred dollars for blood tests in a year.

There is no getting away from it, unless you are in a perfect condition.


is why people say that health is wealth. Once your body starts to have problem, you are bleeding cash every month.

While big problem happens just once a lifetime, and it is often painful and costly, it is the small health problems that plague people worldwide.

Exercise enough, and eat well, so that you do not have to pay so much money for blood tests. The results of blood tests for most patients show that they need to continue taking medication.

For those people with a fear of needle, going for blood test month after month is pure agony.

Some people take pills

for high cholesterol for more than twenty years. During the twenty years, they have to go for blood tests several times a year.

Think of how much money they would save if they are healthy. If you start to add up the cost of all the pills, medical consultation, and medical examinations such as blood test, you can see that the figure is closer to a third of a million dollars.

You can really do a lot of things with such money in the bank.

Blood tests are expensive.

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