Book Review: Shock Wave By John Sandford

After reading nearly all the books in the Prey series, and all the earlier books featuring Virgil Flowers, I find that Shock Wave by John Sandford is enjoyable in different sense.

For one thing, Shock Wave by John Sandford has less violence than the Prey series.

Even though it is still a thriller, and an exciting thriller, this book does not make use of grisly details to terrify readers. Even when the bombs set off one by one, you can feel the thrill but not the violence.

The best part of Shock Wave by John Sandford is about humans. All their intelligence, dedication

to work, and humor.

Even young people are portrayed as very bright and humorous in this book.

One remarkable person is Thor, the desk clerk in the hotel that Virgil Flowers stayed.

Thor is eighteen years old.

After Thor passed him paper containing a telephone message which he copied word for word, Virgil Flowers asked him about the parties mentioned in the anonymous message.

Thor mentioned, “I think Jeanne Shepard is the second hottest woman in town.” If you consider the fact that Jeanne Shepard is double the age of Thor, and the wife of his teacher, you can imagine why Virgil Flowers said to him, “What are you doing, thinking a thirty-five year old woman is hot?”

Thor replied, “If you’re hot, you’re hot.”

After Virgil Flowers nearly got killed by a bomb, Thor is the one who surfaces the question of why would anyone wants to kill a detective!

Virgil Flowers has the gift of enlisting the help of the people in the small town. The idea of using market research, through a survey method, comes from the local.

The survey method of asking more than a hundred

people about whom they think is the bomber, causes a political storm. Hard to imagine that in real life, the police would send out questionnaires to a few hundred people and asked them to nominate the murderer.

The best part about Shock Wave by John Sandford is that the bomber is an unknown, all the way to the end of the book.

Just when you think you are sure who the bomber is, new clues appear, and you will change your mind.

Who is the bomber? That is the question from page 1 of the book.

If you have not read any of Virgil Flowers series, you can start from the beginning. By then, he had married and divorced three times in three years.

He did not have more divorces because he simply stopped getting married.

Shock Wave by John Sandford is another book that endears Virgil Flowers to the readers. It is a book worth reading.

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