Breeding Feeder Fish

I am reading Breeding Freshwater fishes by Laura Muha when I come across the idea of breeding feeder fish.

This idea is in chapter three of the book, under the subheading What To Do With All Those Fry.

It is true that certain fishes, such as guppies, produce fries all year round.

From one pair of guppies, you can get a few hundred guppies by the end of the year. The problem is that fish shop does not take in fry, since they want to sell adult fishes.

Fry usually does not have the coloration of the adult fish. That is why hardly any

fish shop wants to buy them from you.

The other alternatives are to trade them off at the local aquarium club and sell them through classified ads. However, for fishes such as guppies, it is hard to find buyers, since guppies are too common. The cost of shipping the fry is not worth it.

If you breed Oscar, you are more likely to get buyers.

The last alternative is to sell them away as feeder fish.

Is it cruel to breed feeder fish? While the author states the fact that in the wild, large number of fry end up as food for the larger fish. It does sound very cruel.

I like to watch the guppies give birth. That is the miracle moment in breeding fish.

However, I do not like the idea of breeding feeder fish. I tend to fall in love with the fry, and cannot tolerate the idea that I send them to their death.

They are almost like my own babies.

However, if you like the idea of breeding fisher fish, breeding guppies is the best choice. The next alternatives are swordtails and mollies.

Why do people want breeder fish?

Those owners of large fish, such as Asian Arowana and Oscars, want healthy feeder fish. They have bad experience buying feeder fish from fish shop.

When the Asian Arowana eats the contaminated feeder fish, the fin will rot. The Asian Arowana looks very sorry with the rotting tail.

Since Asian Arowana is an expensive Feng Shui fish, and a protected species, the owner does not want to take chance with such prized possession.

That is why they prefer to buy feeder fish from hobbyist. They know that your fish is healthy enough to

produce fry.

You may want to know why breeding guppies is the best choice as feeder fish.

A nickname for guppies is the Millions Fishes. This is due to the fact that guppies breed frequently and easily. The fact that guppies are livebearers mean that you have a brood of live fry easily.

Guppies can breed as young as two months old. Once the young guppies start to breed, you will see them producing fry after fry.

If you are a good fish owner, you can see that each birth produces 100 to 200 fry. After two months, the young guppies are big enough to become parents.

While some guppies do not survive to the breeding age, you are likely to get 30 pairs of breeders from the initial brood. Imagine the 30 pairs of breeders produce 100 fry each. You can get 3,000 fry within three months.

What are you doing to do with all the fry? Since fish shop does not want them, you can sell them off as feeder fish.

That is why breeding feeder fish with guppies makes sense. Breeding feeder fish can produce enough money to pay for your electricity and water bill since keeping aquarium fish is a hobby that costs money.

Some people buy guppies for the sake of breeding feeder fish since they rear expensive Asian Arowana or Oscar. They want to ensure a constant supply of food for their prized possession.

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