Button Quails Are Great Pets

Button quails are great pets for people who are either busy or lazy or both busy and lazy.

It does not even take more than five minutes of your time every day to take care of the button quails.
Why is that so?

1. Cage

Button quails are the smallest of all the quails breed.

You can keep them in a cage. The best is to keep a male and two female in a cage.

There is no need to let them out for exercise, as long as the cage is big enough for them to exercise.

That means the button quails stay the whole time

in the cage.

2. Food and water

There is a need to provide food and water every day.

You can buy the commercial bird food or just provide cereals, seeds, worms and calcium supplement into the diet.

You need to change water every day.

Do remember to use marbles to weigh down the water and food bowl.

That will prevent the button quails from upsetting the bowls.

3. Newspaper

If you are a very lazy person, the easiest way to ensure the cleanliness of the cage is to put a few layers of newspaper under the cage.

When you want to change the newspapers, you just need to lift up the cage, take away the soiled newspapers, and put in the new newspapers.

That is enough work for a day.

On a weekly basis, you may like to clean the metal bars of the cage to get rid of the harden waste.

When the button quails have enjoyed more than 12 hours of sunlight, they will lay eggs.

You can collect the eggs and hatch the eggs artificially, since the quails are not always in the mood to hatch the eggs.

When I was taking care of the three little button quails, I did not know that button quails love a sand bath.

I did not provide the luxury of a sand bath for them.

However, button quails are clever birds.

Since I did not give them the

sand bath, they jump into the food bowl, and treated the commercial bird food as sand.

They enjoyed flipping about in the bowl, until all the food scattered all over the area.

It is a joy to collect an egg every day. It is a double joy to collect two eggs in a day.

The eggs are smaller than the usual quail eggs.

Even though the eggs are edible, it is really troublesome to eat a quail egg everyday. I used to collect the eggs, and kept in the fridge for a week before cooking and eating them.

That was many years back. My cage of three button quails were stolen since I left them out in the corridor of the apartment.

I wish dearly to have another cage of three little button quails.

They are cute and non-demanding.

They do not demand to go for a walk. They responded when I wished to hold them and stroked them.

Button quails are great pets.

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