Buying A Business Is Better Than Starting A Business

Buying a business, even a business that is not making much money, is still better than starting a business.

Even though you think that starting a business from scratch is more heroic than buying an existing business, you have to think from a practical standpoint.

For one thing, existing business has a customer base.

Even if the customer base is not large, it is still a customer base.

Every new business owners know how hard it is to get the first sale.

They have to spend a lot of money to set up the business, and then put in effort to get the word out.


a customer buys, the next customer may take a while to come in.

Many new businesses have to wait for weeks or even months for the first sale.

If you are buying a business, you are literally buying the customer base.

It is easier to sell to existing customers than to get in new customers.

That is especially so when you buy a business with physical assets, and not online businesses.

You do not have to buy the furniture in the office, since you have inherited everything. You do not have to source for suppliers since you have the database too.

However, you need

to build up the system to cope with more customers.

You definitely want to expand your business.

Even if you are buying an online business, the age of the domain is a factor to help you in expanding the business too. Everyone knows that the age of a domain is a factor in getting website traffic.

The older the domain, the more likely readers will come from the search engines.

The previous owner may have written some articles to get in back links to the website.

You have to build on the foundation.

You may have to add in more products, and provide better services.

That is why in all practicality, buying a business is better than starting a business.

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