Can You Live Without Love?

Is it possible to live without love? Can you live without love?

The answer is yes. You can live without love. You will not live happily without love. However, that does not mean you will die without love.

In this practical world, it is possible to live without love but not without money.

As long as you have money for your house, your car, your food and everything else, you can survive. You do not need love in order to live another day.

Many people are living without love. They are not happy. They are stuck in a loveless marriage. Some adults abandon their

elderly parents. Their elderly parents are lonely, sickly and often poor. They are still surviving without love.

It is sad to think that some day we may have to live without love. We fear to grow old and get sick. We fear that our loved ones will abandon us. However, we accept that there is a possibility that we live without love.

It is not pleasant to think of living a lonely existence.

We may wonder what is the whole purpose of life when we live without love. We may really believe that love is the most important thing in life.

We envy those who can love freely and enjoy being loved by everyone. We envy even more those who are rich and loved by everyone.

It is hard to have both love and money.

Many people

experience the heartache of losing their jobs and losing their loved ones. It seems that lack of money and lack of love often come together.

When a couple are jobless and are running out of money, they quarrel. This leads to divorce. Lack of money and lack of love come together.

At a time when money is running out in a family, the logical thing is for the family members to support each other. However, reality is not like this. Reality is that money is very important. No money no love. Love cannot pay the bill. Love cannot fill an empty stomach.

That is the time when reality hits most of us very hard. We start to realize that money means survival.

Love is optional for survival. Love brings happiness. However, when we are hungry and have to choose between love and money, money comes first.

Can you live without love?

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