Can You Make $1,000 From Page Impressions Every Month?

Do you know that there are people making more than $1,000 from page impressions every month? Do you wish that you can earn $1,000 from page impressions every month?

Before you say it is not possible to make $1,000 from page impressions alone, you can check out Robert Dougherty profile in Associated Content.

I got to know about Robert Dougherty when he was complaining about his page impressions. He was complaining that he had less than 20,000 page impressions on his worst day. At the rate of $2 per 1,000 page impressions, 20,000 page impressions means $40 per day.

Can you imagine that

he complained about making $40 per day from page impressions? I would jump all over the place if I can make $40 per day from page impressions. I know how hard it is to make $40 per month from page impressions.

He earned between $900 to $1,500 every month from page impressions.

I checked his profile in Associated Content on 7 May 2010. He had 3,700 articles within two years of joining Associated Content. He has a total of 9,920,820 page impressions from his articles.

His articles are mainly sport related. There is no doubt that he has a passion for writing. There is no doubt that he knows about using seo techniques in writing.

How do you feel about making money from writing articles now? Do you feel inspired by his example? Do you wish that you can make $1,000 per month from page impressions as well.

There is no short cut to making money from page impressions. You must write. You must set a target

to write many articles.

If Robert Dougherty does not write 3,700 articles, do you think he can make more than $1,000 from page impressions every month?

He writes an average of five articles per day for the past two years. If you are writing just one article per week, you cannot expect to make more than $1,000 from page impressions every month.

The problem about writing sport articles is that you can gain page impressions for a short while.

Nobody will read the articles about World Cup 2010 a year later.

If you are not interested in sports, that does not mean you cannot make $1,000 from page impressions every month. You can write about things that interest you. If you are good at cooking, you can write about food and recipes.

The most important thing is that you must have a bulk of articles to work for you. If you have just three hundred articles, you are likely to make less than a hundred dollars per month from page impressions.

As long as you remember that making $1,000 from page impressions is possible.

Someone can write more than 3,700 articles and making more than $1,000 from page impressions every month, that means you can make it too.

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