Can You Make Big Money Online By Article Writing

Many people like to think about how to make big money.

In fact, when you compared to the slow and steady process of getting rich by holding a full time job, and participating in index fund investment, you definitely hope to find a way to make big money.

All of us have heard of online writers who make a few hundred dollars off a single article.

We wonder if it is possible to make big money by article writing.

If you take a look at the various writing sites, and Adsense revenue sharing sites, you will find that writers who make big money online

rarely exist.

Most writers do not make big money by article writing.

Even if they have 3,000 articles online working to create passive income stream for them, the amount is not considered big money.

Many new writers are understandably disappointed with the one cent or two cents earning per day.

They dream of making a dollar a day.

It is possible to make a dollar a day in passive income. However, that is not big money too.

You can never tell anyone that you make big money when you earn just a dollar a day.

Even if you make a thousand dollars per month, that is not big money too.

It is way too low since many investors are making a few thousand per trade in forex trading or stock market investment.

The 80 20 rule applies in all things.

You are likely to see an article earning more than $50 per year for you. In ten years time, the article would have netted a total income of $500 for you.

Most writers do not spend more than an hour on a single article. Even if you write very slowly, the rate of $500 per hour is very good.

The sad fact is that this is not a norm.

The norm is that 80% of your income comes from 20% of your effort.

The problem is that you do not know which 20% of the articles will earn for you.

If you would have known it earlier, you would have focus your effort in

this area.

You only know when you review the yearly performance of the content published online.

Even with historical data, it is impossible to predict the future. Otherwise, more writers can make big money online by writing articles that attract views and money.

Writing web content does make money. It is just not big money that you see in your dream.

The fact is that consistent and persistent effort in needed to keep on writing every day for the next ten years.

After all, you do not have a supervisor to set the yearly, monthly or daily target for you. You do not enjoy a fixed monthly income.

The passive income from article writing is unstable.

You may earn a hundred dollars this month, and ten dollars the next month.

There is no guarantee of minimum wages.

You may see an article with 5,000 page views in a month. You are more likely to see an article with just 20 page views in its life time.

There is no way to predict the outcome.

Can you make big money by article writing? No, you cannot. You can control your effort, but not the outcome of the effort.

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