Can You Write 20 Articles Per Day?

Can you write 20 articles per day? Is it possible to do so?

I have read of some people who can write 20 articles per day.

Some of them are students. Writing articles is not a problem for them, since they are in the habit of doing tons of homework everyday.

Some marketers are able to write 20 articles per day too.

Their motivation to sell is very strong, and they push themselves to write fresh content for article directories.

More articles translates to more traffic, and more traffic means more sales.

However, for most of us, writing just five articles a day test our limit.


do those people write 20 articles per day?

1. Niche

They are very familiar with a certain niche.

If they are selling weight loss problems, they do not need to do much research to produce 20 weight loss articles per day.

Most of the times, they are simply recycling the ideas.

They know that nobody will read their content published a year earlier.

They just have to use the ideas, and rewrite in a fresh manner.

2. Style

They have different templates for the articles.

They can use the format of questions and answers for one content. They can use the format of sharing personal experience in the next article.

They can use the scientific approach to write the third article.

They can also write product reviews.

That means they have to adopt different styles to suit the needs of different readers.

If you prefer a certain style, and you keep a style, this practice seriously limits your ability to

write 20 articles in a day.

Especially when you want to recycle the writing ideas,.

3. Time

Article writing takes time.

Most people do not such time for it.

They are very tired after 8 hours of work, and 3 hours of commute. By the time they reach home, have dinner, shower, and some housework, they have just an hour or so for article writing, and a couple of hours of relaxation with their loved ones.

That is why writing 20 articles per day is impossible for most working adults.

If you are a student, writing is not a problem. You can simply upload the assignments after your teachers have gone through it.

Since you are studying for examination, you can write down the key points in essay format. This will form part of your revision.

You will score well in examination, plus earning some pocket money for luxuries.

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