Career Advancement: What If You Do Not Get The Promotion

You set a career advancement plan. You go for the promotion interview well-prepared.

You are confident to get the promotion. However, the bad news is that someone gets the promotion, you are back at the same position.

That does not seem like a career advancement. You may think of resigning from the job, and seek career advancement elsewhere.

There are a few things you have to bear in mind before you tender resignation.

1. What can you learn from the experience?

A career advancement plan does not always go smoothly. However, that does not mean you learn nothing form your failure to get a promotion.


you are in a calmer stage, you may see that the person who gets the promotion fail many times as well. It may be your first try at the promotion, and the third try for the successful candidate.

You can view the whole process positively, and learn to overcome your weaknesses.

2. Meet with the decision maker.

You can arrange for a meeting with the decision maker. You can let the decision maker knows that you need help in career advancement.

You want to know what you need to work on, and how to prepare for a bigger role in the organization.

You must express confidence in the ability of the decision maker to make the right choice.

That means you must not badmouth the person

who gets the promotion. Admit that the person is well qualified for the job, even though you prefer to sit in her position now.

You must express confidence that the decision maker is willing to provide guidance to help you in career advancement.

If the decision maker points to the fact that you need to network more, then you can volunteer for all the corporate functions.

You must not threaten your boss with resignation. Remember that nobody is indispensable.

3. Consider alternatives.

A career advancement does not mean going up the corporate ladder. It can mean a transfer to other department.

If you aim for senior management role, you need to gain exposure to practically all aspects of the business.

You can view a lateral career shift as part of the career advancement.

You can also ask for training and development opportunities to enhance your value to the company.

If you lack people skill, especially in leadership, you can request for more opportunities to attend leadership course. 

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