Career Switch: Is It Wise?

Are you thinking of making a career switch? Is it wise to make a career switch?

While it is common to switch job, it is relatively rare to make a career switch.

You seldom see a top brain surgeon making a career switch to become a banker. It is also rare for a tax attorney to make a career switch to become a car promoter.

If you are considering a complete career switch, you need to think carefully.

What are the things you need to consider before making a career switch?

1.  job satisfaction

Are you satisfied with the current job? If you are not, you

need to think where is the dissatisfaction.

Some people are satisfied with the current job, but not the management style of the boss. Some people are not happy with the culture of the company. Some people hate the long commute to work.

If these are the causes of dissatisfaction, a job change may solve the problem. There is no need for career switch.

You should consider a career switch only when you are thoroughly dissatisfied with the job.

2.  Transferable skills.

You can think of your transferable skills.

Certain soft skills are transferable across all industries, and all careers. For example, you are a good listener.

You can always remember what you hear, and you can always gain the trust of the speaker. You can think of ways to utilize your transferable skills.

You can make a list of your transferable skills, and let your close friends take a look. They may be able to add in a few points that you overlook.

3.  your interests.

What are you good at? What are you passionate about? What are the things you love to do every day for the rest of your life?

You need to find your passion in life, and see how you can make it into a career.

If there is no such job opportunity in your area, you have to think

of doing it as a freelancer or start a business to provide the service.

You need to add a business aspect to your passion. It is not enough to love to cook, you must know how to sell your cooked food or recipes.

4.  Your skills.

Once you have highlighted a few jobs to make a career switch, you need to think about closing the skill gap.

You can take up a formal course to upgrade the skill. You can also work as a part timer to gain work experience.

It is important to check the policy of the company. Some companies allow you to take on a part time outside job.

5.  within the same company

The last thing you need to consider is to make a career switch within the same company. You can indicate your interest, and ask your boss for a transfer to another department. For example, you are working as a nurse in a large hospital. You can request a career switch to the finance department if that is your interest.

A career switch is not about quitting from the company. You need to understand the difference between a career switch and a job change.

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