Cheap And Nutritious Food For Your Hamsters

Rearing hamsters is an inexpensive hobby. You do not need to spend money on commercial hamster food. You can prepare cheap and nutritious food for your hamsters.

Hamsters love fresh fruits and vegetables. You can ask the grocer for discarded fruits and green vegetables to feed your hamsters. You do not a lot for your hamsters.

The grocer will give you free when you tell him the purpose of getting the discarded fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins and fiber for the hamsters.

You can feed grains to the hamsters. Wheat, corn, soybeans, and barley are sources of carbohydrates. Avoid feeding

oat to the hamsters. The sharp edges can scratch the cheek pouches of your hamsters.

Hamsters love sunflower seeds. Do give them sunflower seeds. However, do not treat sunflower seeds as the bulk of the diet. Sunflower seeds contain oil that can make your hamsters fat.

You can feed other kind of seeds. Most types of seeds for birds are suitable for your hamsters too. Feed a mixture of seeds, so that your hamsters enjoy a

balanced diet.

You can treat your hamsters to cookie with peanut butter or yogurt drops. Dairy products provide protein for the hamsters. A bit of hard-boiled egg provides enough nutrients to the hamsters. Those hard biscuits for dogs are high in calcium, and allow your hamsters to grind their teeth.

Hamsters share many common food items as you. To save cost, you can feed some of the food items you consume to your hamsters. For example, you can enjoy the hard-boiled egg in the morning, and let your hamsters have part of it.

There is no need to feed your hamsters using commercial hamster food, if you can provide enough varieties for your hamsters.

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