Children Can See Ghosts

Some parents forget that children can see ghosts.

When their children try to tell them about the ghosts they see, their parents thought that their children have very good imagination.

Some of them even thought that their children tell lies. They do not realize that telling lies is not in the nature of the young and innocent kids.

In fact, telling lies is a behavior that children learnt to avoid punishment.

When you see a child plays by herself, and talk to the air as if taking to another child, the likelihood is that the child is playing with a ghost.

In this case, she

is probably playing with a ghost who is a child too. The younger children will sometimes address the ghost as their friends or brothers and sisters.

They are usually eager to tell their parents of the new friends they have made, not realizing that their parents cannot see ghosts.

The older children do not believe in ghosts. The younger ones are too young to fear ghosts. They see ghosts as if they are seeing another child.

They do not realize that their parents and older brothers and

sisters lose the ability to see ghosts. They do not realize that only those adults with third eyes can see ghosts.

They are too young to fear the spirits. They can talk and scold the ghosts when they have no mood to play.

Sometimes they just scold and beat the invisible hands which are trying to take the toys.

Next time when you see children talking to the air, just let it be. They are talking to their spirit friends.

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