Chinese Deity: Cheng Huang

There are many Chinese deities and their temples in different parts of Asia.

One of the most notable Chinese Deity is Cheng Huang deity.

The worship of Cheng Huang deity goes way back in China. The worship started before Buddhism and Confucius enter the mainstream religion in China.

According to ancient classic, the people in Zhou Dynasty did not build Cheng Huang temple for worshipping him.

They just gather the dust into an altar, and put offering on it. There was no temple, and no statue.

The ancient people worshipped with their heart, with no image to help them visualize the appearance of the deity.


is Cheng Huang?

Why does the worship of Cheng Huang continue to present day?

Cheng Huang is not the name of the deity. Cheng Huang refers to his ability to guard the city. The name means City God.

The Chinese believes that this deity has the power to control the affair of man and hell alike.

Notably, this deity did not reside in heaven.

Cheng Huang resided in hell, and served as a judge in hell.

He would look into the record of good deeds and bad deeds of a person, and rewarded or punished the person after his death.

The Chinese believes that Hell is a place to punish the wicked ones. If a person did more good than bad

during his lifetime, he would go for a better rebirth or go to heaven to enjoy his reward.

Since Cheng Huang is a deity in charge of hell, and human affair, he is a Yin god.

This deity is also a guardian of the water.

In ancient times, when city walls are protected by the moat, even the emperors prayed to Cheng Huang deity. They viewed him as a guardian of the city itself.

That is why even in present days, you can see Cheng Huang temple in all major cities in Asia where Chinese live.

Many other temples have an altar dedicated to this deity too.

To many common people, this deity also serves as a god of wealth. They would request for lottery luck, and they would return to give thanks after winning.

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