Chinese Dislikes Green Arowana

Even though Green Arowana is part of the prized Asian Arowana, the Chinese does not like it.

The Chinese believes that red is an auspicious color, and gold is the ultimate investment.

That is why the demand for Red Arowana and Gold Arowana never ceases.

What about Green Arowana?

The price of Green Arowana is so much cheaper than the others.

Green Arowana can live peaceably in a community tank. It is a protected fish as well.

Many new hobbyists start by buying Green Arowana. They want to gain experience in taking care of the fish before upgrading to the prized Super Red Arowana, Chili Red

Arowana or Cross Backed Golden Arowana.

They do not want to keep the Green Arowana forever.

Some hobbyists even release the Green Arowana into the lake or river when they can afford to buy the more expensive dragon fish.

What is it that the Chinese dislikes Green Arowana?

It has to do with the superstition about green color.

There is a saying of losing money until your face turns green. It does not sound good that you keep a fish at home, feeds it with live feeds, and then keep on losing money in investments and businesses.

That is why you will never see the businessmen keeping a big tank of Green Arowana in the office.

They rather keep the Red Dragon Fish.

That is the main reason for the dislike of Green Arowana.

It has nothing to do with the fish at all.

The fish is still a dragon fish. It does not lose its nature. It does not swim differently or less majestically than other fish.

The only minus point is the color of the fish.

Many hobbyists end up loving their fish,

even though the color is not red.

The dragon fish is an endearing fish.

It can sense your mood, and acts accordingly. It can recognize you as the rightful owner. It will rush across the tank to greet you when you return home.

The shiny scale reflects the light when it swims. You will wonder why people hate the Green Arowana just for the color.

Once you keep the Green Arowana for a year, it is hard to think of parting with it.

The best is to get the superstition out of your mind, and enjoy the beauty of the fish.

Since you have bought the fish back in the first place, it is your duty to take care of it. The Green Arowana will never let you down if you do your part.

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