Choosing A Cage For Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamster, also known as the golden hamster, is a popular and common breed of hamster.

Choosing an appropriate cage for your Syrian hamster is important. You do want happy and healthy Syrian hamsters enjoying their lives in a comfortable cage.

Syrian hamsters love to climb. You should choose a two to three levels cage for your Syrian hamsters. Make sure that the base of the cage is solid, and not wire-based.

You can put two to three Syrian hamsters in a cage. Do not put the males and females together, unless you want to breed them.

Remember to use dust free bedding for

the bottom of the cage. You need to put enough bedding for the Syrian hamsters to burrow.

The base of the cage should be high enough for the Syrian hamsters to burrow and build nest. Hamsters instinctively

hide in their nest when they want privacy. They want to feel secure and safe.

Woodchips and cedar chips are not suitable for use as bedding material.

You can set up the water bottle at a height where the Syrian hamsters can reach easily. Put the food bowl into the cage as well.

Put some chew toys at each level of the cage. Select some chew toys that are big enough for the hamsters to get in.

Place a hamster wheel for your hamsters to exercise. This is the favorite pastime of the Syrian hamsters. They love to run round the wheel as much as a gym regular loves thread-mill machine. 

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