Clickbank Affiliate Program: 4 General Tips

Have you joined Clickbank affiliate program? Have you made money from Clickbank affiliate program?

How do you make money from Clickbank affiliate program?

There are four general tips for newbies to make money from Clickbank affiliate program.

1. Selecting products

It is better to select products from hot niches.

The products from weight loss, relationship and health niches are selling consistently well.

2. Gravity

Avoid products with high gravity.

Product with high gravity means there are too many promoters. It does not mean that the products are selling very well.

It is better to find a product that enables you to make sales after sales, rather than just one


3. Affiliate tool

When you are new to Clickbank affiliate program, you should find products with affiliate tools.

You can learn about the right way to market products. Some marketers even give you a free guidebook on the whole process of online marketing.

You can learn about buying domain name, finding cheap hosting, writing sales pitch and different ways of online marketing.

Once you know the fundamentals, you can source for products without affiliate tool.

4. Money

back Guarantee

Clickbank offers a 60 days Money back Guarantee for all products.

You can make it a selling point. Money back Guarantee serves to remove fear of buying from the mind of the readers.

These are four general tips for succeeding in Clickbank affiliate program.

It is extremely hard to generate the first sale from Clickbank affiliate program when you are new to affiliate program.

As long as you do not give up, you can make money from Clickbank affiliate program.

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