Clickbank Affiliate Program: Product Selection

Product selection is one of the most important factors to succeed in Clickbank affiliate program.

If you adopt the method of randomly choosing products in Clickbank affiliate program, you are not going to succeed.

How do you choose products in Clickbank affiliate program?

Do you choose the products with the highest gravity in Clickbank affiliate program? If you do that, you will find that you are not making sales.

There are a few tips to help you find products in Clickbank affiliate program.

1. Niches

Find products in a niche that you are familiar.

If you are pet owner, and you know how to find forums for

cat owners, you can choose a related product.

The best selling products come from relationship, health and weight loss niches.

You will be surprised to see that blogging and making money products are not selling as well as those from other popular niches.

2. Gravity

Do not choose those products with very high gravity.

You are not going to sell them. Too many affiliate marketers are promoting the same product.

You can select a list of 20 products with gravity of 10 to 30. These are the products with low competition and great demand.

It is easier to sell products that many marketers are not aware of. A gravity of 10 to 30 means people are buying the products.

3. CB Analytics

You can use the tool in CB Analytics to find out the refund rate of a product.


is hard enough to make money from Clickbank affiliate program. You certainly do not want to have so many refunds after working hard to promote the product.

You can cross out at least 5 products from your list with highest refund rate.

4. CB Trends

You can check out CB Trends for the demand of the product.

Look out for the rising stars. If the product is showing a downward trend, you can cross out the product from your list.

By now, your list of 20 products in Clickbank affiliate program shrinks to 5 or less.
You can start to think of different strategies to promote the products.

Making money from Clickbank affiliate program requires due diligence. It is better to spend time learning about product selection than to waste time promoting a product which does not sell.

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