Cold River By Carla Neggers

Cold River by Carla Neggers is an unsatisfying book.

Cold River is the first and only book by Carla Neggers that I have read. I think it will be the only book I will ever read.

When I read Cold River by Carla Neggers, I feel as if I started reading the middle chapter of a book. It is probably one of the series.

Most thriller series serve as a standalone book as well. You will not get lost even if you start reading from the middle.

However, Cold River by Carla Neggers is a thoroughly confusing book. I feel that the beginning is

cut off and the end is cut off.

There is no discernable motive for the murders.

There are too many important sounding persons yet they play minor role in this book. Carla Neggers wants to portray the characters as smart and level headed, yet they do so many stupid things.

I do not see the plot in Cold River by Carla Neggers. It is as if the story is unfinished, and everyone is looking for answers in the wrong place.

I still do not understand the reasoning for the murder cases in this book, even after the murderer is revealed.

Cold River

by Carla Neggers is a thoroughly unsatisfying book.

I think this book qualifies more as a romance novel than detective novel. It is better if this book sticks to the detective part of the story, and let the romance plays a minor role.

The description at the back cover of the book promises a great read. However, that is misleading.
I recommend that you give this book a miss.

The only thing I enjoy about this book is the description of small town living, and the winter in New England.

I have never lived in a small town where everyone knows everyone. I have never experienced a real winter even though I have seen snowfall a few times in my life.

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