Dealing With Information Overload

Do you feel the burden of information overload? Do you know that information overload is causing stress for many people? How can you deal with information overload? If you are going to find information about lung cancer, you will find so many articles and websites about lung cancers. Some articles are written by the patients. Some articles are written by the friends and family of the patients. Some articles are research on the clinical trials for lung cancer. Some articles are written to sell products to prevent or reduce the risk of lung cancer. How can you deal with information
overload? Sometimes you feel so sick and tired of using Internet to search for information. You will feel that you do not have the time nor the energy to sift through so much information. You are suffering from information overload. How can you deal with information overload? There are a few ways to deal with information overload. 1. You need to know what you are looking for. If you are looking for alternative treatments to lung cancer, you need to search for the alternative treatments to lung cancer. If you are looking for a specialist in the area to cure lung cancer, you can type the name of the specialist. If you do not know the name, you can check out the private institutions for the name of the specialists. 2. Scan the information You do not need to read every single word to know whether the
article contains the information you want. If you think that the article is informative and you want to read it later, you can bookmark the page. If the article does not have the information you want, you can just close the window. 3. Know when to stop You must set a time for your research. You cannot possibly spend ten hours a day to surf for information about lung cancer. You can set the timer for an hour. Once the hour is up, you do not search for information anymore. It is time for you to read and digest those articles in your bookmark. You need to learn to cope with information overload. Most people do not associate the emails with information overload. If you stop to think about the time you spend on checking email everyday, you can see that the emails in the inbox is a source of information overload. You need to delete those emails that are just advertisements. You need to delete the jokes and funny articles that your colleagues forward to you. It is a waste of time to read the emails when you have so much work to do. If you have time on hand, you might as well write articles to earn money. Information overload will never go away since Internet is a part of our lives. We can learn to make use of Internet wisely. We can learn to handle information overload.

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