Detox Cleansing Methods

If you are suffering from chronic ailments, you can do a detox cleansing to get rid of toxins from your colon.

If you are trying to lose weight fast, you can do so by doing a three days detox cleansing.

The problem is that there are many detox cleansing methods. You need to choose a detox cleansing method that suits your health condition and budget.

What are the detox cleansing methods?

1.  diet

This is one of the best ways for a detox cleansing. You do not need to spend money on commercial detox package.

You can buy the fruits and vegetables for a one day

or two days detox cleansing.

The key is to get as many different types of fruits and vegetables. You can eat them in the raw stage.

Some of the fruits that are known for cleansing effects are watermelon, grapes, and cranberries. You can eat carrots, lettuce and other vegetables in the raw stage.

You will not feel hungry when you are doing a detox cleansing with fruits and vegetables. After all, you are practically eating the whole day. There is no need to keep to a schedule for eating. You just eat as and when you want.

It is better to eat oranges than drinking orange juice. You want to get more dietary fiber for a more powerful detox cleansing.

2.  fasting

Hardly anyone likes to use fasting as the method for detox cleansing.

You drink water or fruit juice when you are fasting for detox cleansing. You can do it for a day or as long as a month.

If you have underlying medical conditions, fasting is definitely not for you. Many people experience unwanted side effects when they use fasting as a detox cleansing method.

3.  Herbal detox

Many commercial colon detox package are herbal detox. The

benefit of using herbal detox is that you do not need to spend time on meal planning.

You can get enough nutrients from the herbal detox package. The fact that powerful herbs are used mean that you can experience a more thorough cleansing.

The herbs combination usually is meant to target certain organs for a complete detoxification.

If you are taking medications for certain health conditions, you must consult your doctor before going for a herbal detox cleansing.

4. Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse is similar to the fasting method for detox cleansing. The real difference is that you have to stick to the recommended ingredients for cleansing.

The ingredients for a Master Cleanse is maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper.

Some people like to do a detox cleansing every month. They eat normally at the rest of the month. They will try for a day or three days detox cleansing to get rid of toxins.

They do not feel so guilty for indulging in their favorite food, since they know that they can get rid of some of the toxins during a detox cleansing session.

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