Difference Between Career And Job

Career and job used to mean the same thing.

Before the era of Internet, commonly known as Industrial Age, a person enters the workforce and stays with the company for his entire working life.

That means if he joins the military, he becomes a career soldier. He serves the country faithfully, and rise as high a rank as possible. When he reaches the official retirement age, he retires with guaranteed pension for life.

If he chooses to join the private sector, he will join a manufacturing company, and work there until retirement. His pension is guaranteed too.

That means he has one job and

one career. If he joins as a factory worker, he can rise up to the principal engineer role.

His career is in engineering, and that is also his one and only job.

However, times have changed. Most of us do not work in factory anymore.

We are in Information Age now. It is more common to have one career and many jobs. The next generation will see several careers and several jobs in a working life.

What does it mean to have one career and many jobs?

For example, you are an engineer. It is common for companies to hire you on contract basis or project basis. That means you work on a certain project until the completion of the project.

Then you are jobless. You have to take on another project with another company in order to earn money. Engineering jobs are available in abundance worldwide.

That means you are likely to work in Dubai for two years, in China for two years, and in Germany for six months.

You have one career in engineering, but hold many jobs in your working life.

What does it mean to have many careers and

many jobs?

The fact is that many people have different skills. For example, a policeman study law in his free time. Once he passes the examination, he can work as a lawyer.

If he serves in the capacity of a conveyance solicitor, he may venture into real estate investment. He may become consultant to the real estate investment funds or trusts.

In this way, he has many careers, and many jobs.

The business world is a very competitive world. We cannot say that we do not need to change since we are not businesspersons.

The fact is that we, as employees, are in the mercy of the powerful corporations.

We are the ones who need to adapt faster than the corporations. That is why we need to observe the trend, and make ourselves adapt to the many careers and many jobs reality.

Career and job definitely do not mean the same thing in present situation.

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