Do Not Be Greedy

Everyone knows that greed can lead to downfall.

However, not everyone has the wisdom to stop themselves from being greedy.

It is apparent from those who fall victims to scammers that they are greedy in the first place.

If they are not greedy, they will not believe all the nonsense about making big money with little or no effort.

They are the ones who send over their hard earned money, hoping to receive secrets about getting rich without hard work.

In the real world, the losses will often in the thousands of dollars.

When people heard of a scheme that will make them 20% profit within

a short time, they would hand over their money.

It is more likely that they get just half or a third of their initial capital back after a year.

Never be greedy. Do not be greedy if you want to keep your money, and make big money.

You will need to protect your capital first of all, in order to have enough for wise investment.

If the bank interest in your area is just one miserable per cent, then a return of five per cent is good enough.

Do not be greedy, especially when you have passive income from investment that is higher than inflation rate.

You should invest in your knowledge in investment, and

learn to invest prudently.

Never believe in anything that people say without investigation.

There are many forums and many informative sites online for you to do your due diligent.

As long as you can keep your emotion in check, do your homework before parting with your money, you will reduce the chance of getting scammed or lose money in bad investment.

Do not be greedy in all aspects of your life. That means you do not force yourself to overeat. That is a form of greediness that will hurt your health.

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Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways. Personal Finance is about money, from making money to investing money. Retirement in Asia contains resources about retirement planning.

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