Do You Have Chocolate Addiction

Do you love chocolate? Do you have chocolate addiction?

Most of us love chocolate, and do not have chocolate addiction.

We can live without eating chocolate, even though we enjoy eating it during the winter months.

Those with chocolate addiction are different.

They cannot live without thinking of chocolate and eating chocolate.

The minute they get home from a stressful day, they take a shower and indulge in chocolate. The seriousness of chocolate addiction lies in the fact that they use chocolate as a comfort food.

When they are facing problems, they turn to chocolate.

When they face an emotionally difficult situation, they turn to chocolate for

comfort. While it makes them happy, they are not learning emotional intelligence. Instead of facing a problem and solving the problem, they tried to escape from reality.

Chocolate addiction means that they eat without thinking about calories and health problems.

Many people with chocolate addiction do not eat dark bitter chocolate, they eat chocolate with high sugar content. It is either milk or white chocolate.

As a result of the chocolate addiction, they face weight problem.

They do not think of chocolate addiction as a problem all. Eating chocolate makes them so happy and contented.

Eating chocolate produces a kind of high in them.

The problem with chocolate addiction is not in the chocolate. The problem is in the addiction part.

All forms

of addictions are harmful. Some forms of addictions are worse than others.

It is true that chocolate addiction is not as fatal as drug addiction. That does not mean that it has no health risk.

Eating a bar of chocolate or a few bars of chocolate per day certainly produce problems.

Gaining weight is just a minor problem. The serious complications that follow weight gain are the big problem.

You certainly do not want diabetes and other chronic conditions. The risk of eating chocolate with high-sugar content means that you are at risk of chronic conditions.

Those with chocolate addiction suffer from mood swing as well. They are irritated at everyone and everything when they run out of their favorite food.

They are friendly and charming after eating bars and bars of it.

You will have a hard time if you live with them or work with them. You simply do not know how fast the mood swings. 

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