Do You Have A Fear Of Needles?

Do you have a fear of needles? Have you overcome the fear of needles? Can you overcome the fear of needles.

Many people have a fear of needles. Even cats and dogs have a fear of needles.

If you do not believe it, you can take a needle and see how the cats and dogs behave.

Some people are terrified of the sight of the needles. They scream even before the needle prickles their skin. They sweat profusely when they think of going for an injection. They tremble even before they see the needle.

The problem with the fear of needles is that we

cannot escape needles. We know that getting an injection is good for us. We know that it is important to go for regular checkup. And that means regular blood tests.

If you are suffering from diabetes, a fear of needles can cost your life.

You need to overcome the fear of needles in order to survive.

How to overcome a fear of needles?

1.  fear is often more painful than the reality

You have to admit that you feel the pain when you see the needle than from the actual injection. The fear of needles is more painful than the reality.

If the sight of the needles make you tremble, you can look away and try to think of other things. You may not even notice that the nurse has already taken out the needle from your body.

2.  remind yourself of other fears

You can remind yourself that a fear of needles is nothing compared to the fear of dentist. You can remind yourself that everything is over in less than 30 seconds.

Once you start the self assurance, you will not even notice the prick of a needle.

3.   tell the nurse

You can tell the doctor and the nurse of your fear of needles. You can tell them of your bad experience.

I have a very bad experience with needle once. The

nurse poked the needle a few times into my arm, and managed to miss the blood vein all the times.

My arm swollen and turned red and blue. It took a few days for the swelling to subside. That is the main cause of my fear of needles.

You can tell your experience to the doctor and nurses. The doctor will get a more experienced nurse to do the job.

4.  keep yourself still
You must keep yourself very still so that the needle does not miss the target.

If you are trembling very hard, you can close your eyes and count to a hundred. You can think of your favorite ice cream. You can promise yourself that once you get over the ordeal, you will buy ice cream.

As long as you stay still, and let the nurse gets it right the first time, you do not have to suffer another round of needle poking.

A fear of needles is a common fear. You are not the only one with the fear of needles.

You can control your fear of needles for the few seconds. You will find that the most fearful part is before the needle pricks your skin. Once the needle goes into the skin, you have nothing to fear.

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