Do You Talk To Your Pet?

Do you talk to your pet? What do you talk about if you have a habit of talking to your pet?

I have an Asian Arowana. It belongs to the cheaper version of the Red Arowana, known as the Banjar Red Arowana.

My fish is very greedy. It always knocks on the tank to ask for food.

The worst is that my little Banjar Red Arowana jumps to bite my fingers when it sees that I hold the food in my fingers.

That is the time when I scold my little fish.

My Banjar Red Arowana is not really a little fish. It is at

least a feet in length at this moment. However, since it is less than a year old, and still half the adult size, I call it my little fish.

This creature is so greedy and so aggressive when it gets hungry.

That is why I always scold it for being so naughty. There are many legends of the mystical power of the Asian Arowana, commonly known as The Dragon Fish.

However, I do not see how my little fish possesses such mystical power.

I scolded it the other day. It ate so much, yet

had not paid for the cost of acquisition. Even though I had won since getting this little fish, the amount is not enough to pay for the cost of the fish tank and my little Banjar Red Arowana.

My colleague had a better luck. He promised his fish to get a bigger tank if he won the first prize. His Asian Arowana let him won the first prize. It was a princely sum of thirty thousand dollars. The cost of a big tank hardly exceeded a thousand dollars.

How I wish my little Banjar Red Arowana possess such power.

I think I need to talk to my little Banjar Red Arowana more often. I believe I am not the only pet owner who talks to her pet. I believe you talk to your pet if you love your pet every much.

Do you talk to your pet? What do you talk about? 

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