Dream Big To Get Rich

When I read Heidi in my youth, I could still remember how Peter asked for a dollar a day.

Grandmama laughed. She said that was not a big request.

At that time I wondered how come Peter was so stupid. He could have asked for ten dollars a day for the first year, and an increment of a dollar a day for the next year and so on.

Now that I have entered adulthood, I can see that many people are as shortsighted as Peter.

Many people do not dream big.

They are contented with working long hours for minimum salary.

While it is true that

many high paying jobs are very stressful, that does not mean that all who earned big money die younger.

In fact, the poor are the ones with more health problems in addition to financial problems.

They are afraid to dream big.

They do not even dare to dream big secretly. They just want to keep the low paying jobs, to the point of tolerating insufferable bosses.

The law of attraction tells us to dream big.

Does that mean that all your big dreams will come true?

Of course not. Some dreams are just dreams, even though these are big dreams worthy of pursuing.

The best part about dreaming big is that even if you fall short of the target, you are still better than not having a dream at all.

For example, when you say you want to get rich. You want to become a billionaire.

You are very likely to end up a millionaire than a billionaire.

That is still better than having more debts than money.

That is why it is important to dream big, and to let the whole universe knows about it.

You must send a message to the universe, so that the law of

attraction can work for you.

When you wake up every morning, you can start the day by saying that you want to get rich. You can repeat the command every day, and every hour.

How long does it take to say I Want to Get Rich?

Just a few seconds of your time.. This few seconds are powerful seconds. You are changing your life by spending the time on powerful and forceful thoughts.

If you do not dare to commit the idea of getting rich verbally to your family and friends, you can commit to writing in your secret journal.

Just spend the next few seconds writing: I want to get rich.

Writing down the thought crystallized the dream. You are likely to feel more positive towards life, and your outlook of life changes forever.

Are you ready to dream big? What is your dream?

About me:

Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways. Personal Finance is about money, from making money to investing money.  Retirement in Asia contains resources on retirement planning.

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