Dreaming Of Cheating

Dreaming of cheating is a very common occurrence.

However, that is one of most troubling dreams.

You just cannot forget how your spouse cheats on you in your dream. You may even think that is an omen of trouble in your marriage.

Dreaming of cheating can take place in other aspect as well. That means you dream yourself cheating on your spouse. You feel like a cheat after waking up. You feel guilty for seducing your colleague, even though it is just a dream. You do not dare to look into the eyes of your spouse.

What are meaning of these dreams?

Is dreaming of

cheating a message from heaven that something is going to happen?

Some dreams are valid. That means you notice some signs of a cheated spouse, and you manage to connect the dots in your dreams.

That does not mean you can predict the future in your dream. It means that your subconscious has made an accurate conclusion of all the tell tale signs.

However, in most cases, these dreams are not based on reality.

Dreaming of cheating can mean that you are feeling guilty or anxious.

Your beautiful and seductive colleague uses all her effort to seduce you. You feel bad about it, especially when you feel that you are giving out all the wrong signals.

That is why you start dreaming about cheating, even though you did not do anything.

In certain cases, the guilt may not even be relationship related.

For example, you cut corners in your business dealing. You feel dirty and guilty, even as you convince yourself that business is business, and that honest people should not enter the business world.

However, the guilt keeps eating at you. You feel as if you are selling your soul away for the sake of making a few thousand dollars.

Fear is another reason why people dream of cheating.

The fear

of not meeting to the expectation of your family members. The fear of losing the respect of your family members should you lose your job.

The fear of failing a project at work is another reason for dreaming of cheating.

You fear that your spouse will cheat you, or you cheat your spouse, due to your failure in other aspects of life.

In some cases, dreaming of cheating is a result of a hidden fear of abandonment.

That is especially so when you have an unhappy childhood. Many people coming from broken families have this secret fear of abandonment. Those whose lose their parents at a very young age have a similar fear.

They fear that everyone whom they have loved will leave them.

That is why the recurring dreams of cheating torture them night after night.

If you have recurring dreams, you must take action to examine your inner fears, and insecurity.

You should not blame your spouse. If you start to accuse your spouse of cheating you, you are taking action to break up your family.

Wrongly accused an innocent person is a sin. This shows a lack of trust in the family.

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