Dungeons And Treasures: A Get Paid To Play Game

What is Dungeons and Treasures?

Dungeons and Treasures is a role playing game (RPG), and does not require you to download to your hard disk.

You can just login to the website to play.

Does it pay?

Yes, Dungeons and Treasure does pay.

When you take a look at the Top Player list, you can see many players who joined way back in 2008, and still remain active in the site.

What is so special about this game?

Dungeons and Treasures resets every month.

That means everyone starts from level 1 from the first day of the month. You can choose to use different strategies every month.

Some players

do not kill the monsters for leveling. They are more interested in catching the monsters and sell in the marketplace.

Most players like to have more dungeons, so that they can level to 100. Level 100 is the maximum level.

You can get free gifts for reaching the goal.

Once you have reached level 100, every monster you killed will earn gold instead of experience points.

Why does it pay? Where does the money come from?

The payment is an incentive to keep players motivated and a

way of distributing wealth.

Many players buy the game code month after month. They pay to play so that they can earn even more money.

The company retains a portion of the money, and return the rest to all the active players of the month.

How much can you get from playing Dungeons and Treasures?

If you play a full month, you should get in excess of a dollar. You can get even more if you play correctly. However, do not expect to earn $100 every month when you are new.

You can earn that amount only if you reinvest your earnings to get DT code.

You can sign up at this get paid to play game: Dungeons and Treasures now.

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