Eliminate Candida Naturally

What is Candida? You may not heard of Candida until the moment you are suffering from yeast infection.

Candida is commonly known as yeast infection.

If you ever suffered from Candida, you are not the only victim.

Candida seems to affect more people than ever.

The problem of Candida is due in part to the over-consumption of sugar in our times. We seem to add sugar to everything. Another cause of Candida is the over-reliance on antibiotics. Antibiotics kill our natural defense against bacteria, virus and yeast overgrowth.

Having said that, there are many natural remedies to eliminate Candida. You do not need to spend

a lot of money to eliminate Candida, since the natural food sources to eliminate Candida are available in abundance.

What are the food to eliminate Candida?

1.  Garlic

Garlic is the best food to eliminate Candida.

You may find that the idea of inserting a clove of garlic directly in the vagina a horrible idea. However, that is traditionally the method to eliminate Candida.

Without a doubt, garlic is the best food. If you find the idea of inserting garlic into the vagina a bad idea, you can increase the consumption of garlic in your diet.

You can add garlic to your soup. The Chinese enjoys pork rib soup with a lot of pepper and garlic. If you hate the taste of garlic, you can also buy garlic supplements.

2.   Apple Cider Vinegar

You can drink a few glasses of Apple Cider Vinegar several times a day.

You can also pour Apple Cider Vinegar or Vinegar into the warm bath water. Just soak in the Apple Cider Vinegar bath water for a 20 to 30 minutes, you will find instant relief.

3.  Yogurt

You can choose plain natural yogurt, instead of sugary yogurt. You

can enjoy a cup of yogurt after a meal. The good bacteria, the lactobacillus acidophilus, in yogurt can help to eliminate Candida.

Eating yogurt regularly can eliminate Candida as well as prevent another occurrence of yeast infection.

You must ensure that the yogurt does not contain added sugar. Sugar is the fuel for the growth of yeast. You cannot eliminate Candida if you continue to eat so much sugar.

4.  Stop sugar intake

Without sugar, the overgrowth of yeast will stop. That is why when you wan to eliminate Candida, you must stop consumption of sugar altogether.

Learn to drink coffee and tea without sugar. Learn to avoid pastries with high sugar content. Learn to avoid anything with sugar, including fruity yogurt.

5.  Tea tree oil

Many patients find that tea tree oil is very effective to eliminate Candida. You can use tea tree oil in your bath. You can coat the tampon with tea tree oil before you use it.

It is not hard to eliminate Candida. The same method that you use to eliminate Candida also serve to prevent the recurring of yeast infection.

That is why you must learn to eat yogurt regularly. You must also learn to use garlic in your soup. You can learn to drink Apple Cider Vinegar instead of soft drinks.. 

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