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Employee Communication Policy
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This is a sample employee communication policy for a medium size company.

1. Objective of Employee Communication policy

The company believes in good communications among all employees at all levels.

Communication is an effective channel in building a strong and good relationship between the top management and the employees.

Communications may be verbal, such as a telephone conversation, written, such as an internal memo, or by body language.

The company encourages a two-way communication flow to increase the effectiveness of organizational functions. The company promotes an Open Door concept to remove any hindrance to communication and to breach the communication gap.

2. Downward communication

An effective communication system is important because its helps the senior management to link organizational levels vertically and all functional groups horizontally. The company thus encourage both downward and upward communications.

Traditionally, downward communication was the focus of the senior management.

Downward communication starts with top management, and flows down to rank and file employees.

The purpose of downward communication is for advising, directing, instructing, informing, and evaluating employees.

Downward communication provides information to employees, especially on the goals, policies and business strategies of the company at a given time.

3. Upward communication

Upward communication is needed to provide feedback of the customers to the senior management team. It creates opportunities for continuous improvement.

There are many ways of upward communications, such as group discussion, suggestion schemes, employee representation, reports and feedback.

4. Choices of employee communication

The different methods of communication yield different results.

The choice of employee communication depends on the culture of the company, resources, staff strength, and other factors.

5. Open Door Policy

The company practices open door policy.

All employees are encourage to participate and management is ready to support them and sustain their interests.

Company will use bulletin boards and emails to inform of staff promotion, human resource policies, recreational events, awards, training and development plan, and other matters.

6. Staff suggestion box

The company encourages all employees to email the senior management if they have good ideas for improvements.

However, the company acknowledges that some employees prefer to do it anonymously.

A staff suggestion box is placed next to the bulletin box for this purpose.

The management will review the suggestion regularly, and advice the employees on the implementation of the ideas.

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