The Ethical Debate Of Breeding Feeder Fish

Is it ethical to breed feeder fish?

Some people are indifferent to the idea, since they point to the fact that the fishes in the wild rely on eating smaller fish to survive.

Some people feels that it produces bad karma to breed the feeder fish for the sake of feeding the bigger fish. They are of the viewpoint that all lives are equal, especially those in the same group.

There is no difference in value between the life of a guppy and the life of the Oscar fish.

They know that the commercial value is different. However, they refuse to differentiate the lives

of both fishes.

How do you feel about the prospect of breeding feeder fish?

If you are a hobbyist keeping a large predator fish, such as the Oscar fish or the Asian Arowana. You will see the need to feed live food to the pet fish.

It is in the nature of the Asian Arowana or the Oscar fish to eat insects, worms, and smaller fishes. God makes them this way. It is not your job to change their nature.

It is your job as the owner of the fish to take good care of them.

While it is true that many large predator fishes can survive on commercial fish pellets. However, do not forget that the ingredients of the commercial fish pellets contain shrimps, beef heart, and other meat sources.

You are indirectly feeding the shrimps to the predator fishes.

Many hobbyists find that feeding commercial fish pellets do not promote breeding and growth. When they switch to live feed, the fish breeds. Instead of a pair of Oscar fish, you have 3000 Oscar fish.

If you are in the habit of buying feeder fish from the fish shop, you might want to consider breeding feeder fish at home.

It is cheaper to breed your own fish than to buy the feeder fish every week.

It is safer to breed your

own breeder fish as well. Many hobbyists watch their prized Asian Arowana getting sick and die after eating the diseased feeder fish.

The feeder fish in the fish shop are often sick and underfed. They are breed in unhygienic condition, and live in water that is contaminated.

The feeder fish often stay in the overcrowded tank, until you buy them and bring them home.

The new environment adds to the stress level of the feeder fish. They live without dignity and they die without dignity.

If you breed your own feeder fish at home, you can ensure that the water is pure, and the environment is right.

You ensure that the fish lives happily, at least until you decide to feed them to the predator fish.

The world is a harsh place. The natural world is an even harsher place. The big fish eats the small fish. The strong does not just bully the weak. The strong eats the weak.

That is the law of survival.

Is it ethical to breed feeder fish? You have to answer the question to your conscience.

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