Factors Affecting Pancreatic cancer Survival rate

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most feared cancers in the world.

The reason is that most people do not know they have pancreatic cancer until too late.

By then, the chance of surviving the cancer for five years or more is just five percent.

That means 95% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will not live for five years after diagnosis.

What are the factors affecting pancreatic cancer survival rate? Is there anything you can do to improve the odd of survival?

1. Cancer stage

The problem with the low pancreatic cancer survival rate is due to the advanced stage at the point of diagnosis.


patients do not have regular checkup, in order to detect the cancer early.

By the time of diagnosis, the cancer spreads, and is deemed as Stage 3 or Stage 4 cancer.

That is why an annual checkup is very important. More so when you have a family history of cancers.

2. Individual biological variation

Everyone is different.

Some people do not seem like a cancer patient despite having a stage 4 cancer. Their bodies respond to treatment very well.

Some patients with Stage 1 cancer looks more like ghost than human. They do not survive even when the cancer is diagnosed early. That is why the stage 1 cancer survival rate is not 100%.

The problem is that doctors do not know enough about individual biological variation to personalize the treatment.

If only doctors can understand the exact biological factors in individuals, that will be a great help to humanity.

3. Medical team

The medical team in charge is a key factor in determining pancreatic cancer survival rate.

Some people are smart enough to check the background of the medical team. They are wise enough to seek second or even third opinion.

Some people have the money to afford the best cancer treatment, and are willing to

participate in clinical trials.

4. Determination

The determination of individuals account for the miracles that float around online and offline.

Some people have the determination to survive pancreatic cancer against all odds. They try everything. They turn vegetarian overnight. Some of them even turn to raw food diet.

They travel to the East and learn the ways of the monks. They turn to alternative medicine and herbs.

They get in touch with those who beats the odd, and learn from them.

They know that they can, if they want to, survive. They do not care that the pancreatic cancer survival rate for 5 years is just five percent. They are happy enough to prove their doctors wrong.

The key to beat the pancreatic cancer survival rate is never become part of the statistics in the first place. There are many people who know how to take care of themselves until the ripe old age. They live a cancer free existence.

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