Food For Red Arowana

A Red Arowana is a very expensive fish, since it is the more expensive type of the protected Asian Arowana.

If you have spent a few thousand dollars to get a full grown Red Arowana, you certainly want to make sure that the fish lives to ripe old age.

You wish to have a healthy fish that brings wealth and luck to you.

Since water and diet are two very important factors in the health of the Red Arowana, you need to pay attention to both factors.

It is easy to maintain the water quality. You can change the water every day if you

want to. The Singapore government allows the fish farm for Red Arowana to change 10% of the water every day.

You can follow the same example even if you have a very good filter.

Let us talk about food for Red Arowana.

Red Arowana is a messy eater. That means if you feed a goldfish to it, you will find that the Red Arowana spew the body parts of the dead goldfish in the water.

That is why it is very important to maintain the water quality. Otherwise you will have a very sick Red Arowana.

What are the food for Red Arowana?

1. Fish food pellets

If you buy the Red Arowana when it is just a few three to six inches long, chances are the little Red Arowana is still eating fish food pellets.

You can continue to feed the fish food pellets.

However, once you start to feed live, your pet fish will not tolerate pellets anymore. That is why if you want less hassle, you can continue to use pellets.

2. Cockroaches

Red Arowana loves insects, especially cockroaches. It is best to feed live cockroaches.

You must not feed cockroaches of unknown origin, since the pests have a very high tolerance of poison. Your fish will die because of the high poison content.

3. Goldfish

You can feed goldfish to the Red Arowana. You can buy the feeder Goldfish or breed the Goldfish at home.

The risk of buying feeder fish is that those fishes may carry germs and fungus.

Your Red Arowana will suffer from a rotting tail if it eats contaminated goldfish.

4. Guppies

Guppies are livebearers.

If you want to reduce the risk of feeding infected guppies, you can breed guppies and use them as feeder fish.

5. Bloodworms

When your Red Arowana is young, you can feed live or frozen bloodworms.

When it is older, you can use frozen bloodworms.

The best thing about frozen bloodworms is that you can buy in bulk and keep in your freezer.

The bloodworms can enhance the coloration of your Red Arowana.

6. Frogs and tadpoles

Both frogs and tadpoles are good food for your Red Arowana.

7. Crickets

It is best to feed live crickets to the Red Arowana.

Insects have lower fat content than feeder fish. Insects have higher protein too. Your Red Arowana will get fat when you sustain it on a diet of feeder fish.

That is why feeding insects such as crickets is ideal.

8. Live prawns

Red Arowana loves to eat live prawns. However, live prawns tend to gather in the bottom of the tank.

The problem of feeding live prawns is that your fish has to look down to the bottom to find food. If this continues, your Red Arowana will develop droop eyes. That is a common defect of Red Arowana.

9. Mealworms

Mealworms is a good food for Red Arowana.

Many people recommend to drown the mealworms before feeding to the fish. However, your Red Arowana may not like dead worm. It prefers live and wriggling mealworms.

Mealworms are not suitable for young Red Arowana. You are better off feeding bloodworms.

The shell of mealworms are harder than other worms, and may cause indigestion problem for your prized pet.

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