Free Books On Buddhism

If you happen to travel to Asia, you will notice that there are many free books on Buddhism.

Many shop owners just display the free books on Buddhism outside their shops for you to take.

Why do they want to do that?

Why do they want to offer free books on Buddhism?

Who pays for the printing and writing?

Many free books on Buddhism are written by monks and devoted Buddhists. Others who do not write the books are contributing to the printing cost.

The publications are placed in public places for people to take.

You are as likely to find the free books on Buddhism in

the temple as the shopping malls.

The Buddhists believe that printing and distributing the publications help them to gain merits. They can look forward to a better rebirth.

If they suffer from bad karmic actions, they can have the peace of mind. They hope that by doing good, they do not have to suffer so much in present situation.

More importantly, they hope to bring happiness and peace to the readers.

Buddhism is a strange religion, since it does not have a God in its teaching.

Buddhism teaches that everyone, regardless of age, gender, and social status, can improve his life now and in the future, if he works hard to do good.

The free books on Buddhism will help a person to accept the challenges of life, and to do good

despite having numerous personal problems.

The free books on Buddhism usually focus on the practical aspects of life, and suggesting ways that we can make merits for a better life.

They also teach us to look at things from another perspective, so that we can be at peace with ourselves.

For example, instead of asking why we need to suffer, these books will tell you that suffering is a part of life. Everyone and everything suffers in some ways or another.

We should accept that suffering is part of life, and we should learn to reduce suffering for ourselves and to others.

One way to gain merit is to donate money for printing of free literature to distribute to people in distress.

That is why you tend to see many free books on Buddhism everywhere you go. Just pick one and read during your free time.

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