Freshwater Tropical Fish Industry In Singapore

Do you know that Singapore is famous for the freshwater tropical fish industry?

When people talk about Singapore, they remember Singapore as a hot and humid garden city.

They know Singapore as a successful city

They see the industrial estates, and the housing estate. They see the office buildings and shopping complexes in town area.

Most people do not even know that Singapore is the leader in the export of freshwater tropical fish.

While Singapore has limited land, the land is well utilized.

Singapore is the world number 1 exporter of freshwater tropical fish. It captures about 24% of the world market for freshwater tropical fish

from year 1996 to 2000. This is according to official statistics published by Singapore government through AVA.

The freshwater tropical fish industry in Singapore is a multimillion dollars industry.

Even if you are not aware of the scale of the industry, you are familiar with the products. You remember the beautiful goldfish, the Siamese fighting fish, the guppies, the expensive Asian Arowana, the Oscars and other freshwater tropical fish.

You may have keep some of these fishes as your pet when you were young.

You will notice that the fishes, such as guppies, are getting nicer and nicer. It is very different from those pets you had when you were young. The guppies get nicer due to selected breeding process.

The fish in the fish shop obviously cannot speak to you when you ask them the country of origin.

Chances are they come from Singapore.

Do you know that Singapore breed more than 400 species of freshwater tropical fish? Do you know that there are 1000 varieties of freshwater tropical fish export by the farmers in Singapore?

You probably never even thought of visiting the farms that make up the freshwater tropical

fish industry in Singapore.

However, if you are a hobbyist, you would enjoy a day or two touring the fish farms.

Most of the fish farms are located near each other. You can walk from this farm to another. The farmers in Singapore have many years of experience breeding and cross breeding freshwater tropical fish to get new fishes.

Even if you love just one kind of fish, for example Oscar fish, you will be surprised to know that some of the newer Oscar fish comes from Singapore.

The challenge of the freshwater tropical fish industry in Singapore is that of land. The land lease is for 30 years only. The Singapore government has different plan for the usage of the land.

If the Singapore government fails to give another 30 years land lease, the world will lose the experience of the fish farmers.

It is a pity to think that the freshwater tropical fish industry extinct in Singapore. After all, it has provided the world with so many varieties of freshwater tropical fish.

Many adults remember the days of crying over the dead guppies or mollies. Many kids likewise enjoy feeding their favorite fish.

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