Get High On Internet And Internet Addiction

We all know that drug users use drugs to get high.

They end up as drug addicts.

It is hard to believe that Internet can serve the same purpose. Many people get high on Internet. They become Internet addict.

How can a person get high on Internet and end up with Internet addiction?

It is nearly impossible to get high from research or study using the Internet. However, it is possible to get high when you are playing online games.

Most of those who get high on Internet use the Internet to play video games.

Some of the working adults and teenagers play MMORPG. That means

interactive online games with players from all over the world.

One of the most addictive games is World of Warcraft.

It does not mean only the teenagers suffer from Internet addiction. Many working adults are suffering from Internet addiction as well.

After all, work is boring. Many of us do not feel appreciated at work. However, playing game is fun.

The battles in the game make us feel alive.

Our team mates praise us for saving their lives, and winning the battle. Sweet words of praises come from them. Those are the words that our bosses rarely say to us.

Many people assume that internet addiction affects the introverts. That is true in a certain extent. Introverts are more likely to use the Internet to find friends. They find it easier to interact with online friends than offline friends.

This does not mean extroverts do not have the same problem of Internet addiction.

The desire to win is very strong in all of us. The desire to win at all costs keep people from switching off the computer.

They want to win in online game. That means they have to level up, buy better equipments and practice with the team mates.

They can only do so when they have the time to keep playing.

That is how most people get high on Internet. It is very hard to break off from Internet addiction. When the internet connection breaks for an hour, they feel very frustrated. When they do not have internet connection for three days, they do not know how to pass the time.

Another way for people to get high on Internet is the online casino. Online casino

is more addictive than online games, because real cash is at stake.

The fun play feature is very deceiving. You will feel that it is so easy to win. You start thinking how nice it is when you use real money. You start to convert the virtual money into real cash.

You are more likely to start betting small sum of money. When you start to win, and win, you start to bet more and more.

That is the time when gaming addiction takes place.

The lure of easy money plus the accessibility of the games make it so hard to break free from this vice.

The need to get high on Internet makes it hard to stop playing.

How can you avoid Internet addiction?

You can cultivate different hobbies. You can participate in outdoor games and activities.

You can use the Internet to make money instead of playing games.

If you really love to play online games, you can treat it as a money making venture. You can build up the character to a high level, and sell it to other players.

When your priority is to get rich from Internet, you do not feel that you must win at all times. You do not feel the urge to keep on playing until the wee hours of the morning.

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