Getting Rich From Article Marketing

You will see the words, article marketing, many times when you surf the Internet. You are very likely to hear Internet marketers making a few thousand dollars per week with article marketing. You are likely to associate article marketing with getting rich.

What exactly is article marketing? How do you earn money from article marketing?

Article marketing simply means writing article with the objective of selling products. You earn when you sell the products. The earnings is a commission of the sales.

How to do article marketing

1. Select a product

You have to select a product to promote. It is better to choose one

that you are familiar. However, you can sell products that are new to you, provided you put in enough time for research.

2. Select the keywords

You can make use of Google Adwords Keyword Tool to check the search volume of the keywords.

For example, you want to write articles about making money. The likely keywords are “make money online”, “get rich”, “how to make money”, and “earn money”.

You can use one set of keywords for each article, so that you can write a few articles with the different keywords

3. Write the articles

Once you have a list of keywords to use, you can the process of writing articles. You can write several articles for every set of keywords.

Article marketing is an art of selling. You do not write articles asking people to buy. You write articles to inform and benefit the readers. You want the readers to buy, yet you cannot use the words “buy now”. You can use the words, “get your daily dosage of vitamins now”. While the intention is the same, the readers will not feel that you are too pushy.

4. Submit the articles

You can submit the articles to popular article directories. You can submit your articles to Hubpages, Squidoo and other revenue-sharing writing sites. You can also lengthen the articles, and upload to your blog.

5. Link

There are essentially only two ways

to provide the affiliate link in the articles.

One method is to use the resource box, and asks the readers to click on the link. The second method is to hyperlink the various important keywords in your article.

All article directories have different rules regarding the usage of the links.

Some do not allow any text link within the article. Some do not allow affiliate link. You need to redirect the readers to your blog or Hubpages or Squidoo. You can put the link to the merchant website in your blog.

6. Market the articles

There are different ways to market the articles. You can forward the url of your articles to all your friends. You can use Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to promote the articles. You can use other social bookmarking websites for promoting the articles. You can make use of forums as well.

Now you know why we say article marketing, since you have to spend as much time on article writing and marketing.

Does article marketing work? Yes, it does work. However, article marketing is not easy. When you are new, there is just no shortcut. You have to write and write. You have to market and market. Only after a few years can you experience the returns of a 6-figure income.

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Scheng1 is a passionate blogger from Singapore. Rich in every sense reveals my deep desire in enjoying life, and be rich in every possible ways.  

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