Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is not a program.

It is not even an invention by Google company.

Google Sandbox is a term among webmasters to describe the first few months of a new website.

This is a period that you cannot expect any traffic from the search engines.

Let us assume that you buy a domain, and start a website.

You work hard to get traffic, but your website never ranks in any search engine result page. Even if you have 1000 visitors from social networking sites, chances are that you do not get a single one from search engine.

For the first few months, the search engine

may not know the existence of your website.

Even if Google starts to crawl the content of your page, and index the site, it may not show in the search result.

That is known as the Google Sandbox period.

Some people experience a Google Sandbox period of two months. Some people have it for more than two months.

It all depends on the effort of the webmasters.

Those webmasters who work hard to get incoming links to the website will find that the Google Sandbox effect is shorter.

Those who just register a domain, and then do nothing about it will have a longer Google Sandbox period.

While you cannot control the search engine, you can control the effort that you want to make.

You can start by article writing and

submit the articles to article directories, with a live link to your website.

You can also make a lot of blog commenting to get links to your website.

It is hard work getting a website up and running. It is even harder to get traffic from the search engines.

That is why after I have registered and paid for a domain, Retirement in Asia, I start to work hard in blog commenting.

It is much easier than article writing.

I just have to find many blogs, and make meaningful comments. That means a lot of reading, and interacting with the blogging community.

Consistent effort is needed. I know that it is better to get ten links every day, rather than 1000 links in a day.

Hopefully my diligence will pay off in the long run.

Hopefully my domain, Retirement in Asia, will rank in the first two pages for the keyword. 

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