Grievance Procedures In The Workplace

This is a sample of grievance procedures in the workplace. The company has a factory employing 300 factory workers.

A formal policy and grievance procedures in the workplace are needed to ensure the equality and fairness of all employees.

1. Role of immediate supervisors

An employee having a problem or personal matter shall discuss it with the immediate supervisor if the situation warrants.

A personal matter which will affect work performance or work schedule is deemed as important enough to bring to the attention of the supervisor.

After analyzing the facts, the supervisor shall give an answer on the same day if possible.

However, if the

matter requires the approval of higher authority, the supervisor should give an answer on the next working day.

2. Human Resource Department

If the employee does not feel satisfied with the answer, the employee can bring the matter to the attention of the Human Resource Department.

The employee should inform the supervisor of his dissatisfaction before bringing the matter to the Human Resource Department. This is to ensure a cordial work relation as well as respect for his supervisor.

The Human Resource Department will review the matter, and provide a satisfactory answer within three working days.

3. Director

If the employee

is still not happy with the answer, he can approach the operational director in charge of his division.

The Director will do everything possible to find a mutually satisfactory solution without causing disruption to the operation of the factory.

4. Proper documentation

The company provides the proper forms for documentation of the employee grievances in the workplace.

The immediate supervisor has to document the grievance, and pass a copy to Human Resource Department for record keeping.

This will enhance the knowledge of the supervisors and the management in managing employee relationship in the workplace.

If the matter is of vital importance, the proper documentation provides the groundwork for review of company policies.

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